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Yoga Nidra – Deep Dive

Sat 3 October | 10:00 am - Sun 4 October | 4:00 pm

yoga nidra

Spiritual and Therapeutic Applications of Conscious Sleep

Dive deep into the science and serene state of Yoga Nidra. Explore with Swami Mukti how to rest more efficiently, release deep-seated tensions from the mind and expand your awareness with the sleep of the Yogis.


During this weekend you’ll

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of each stage in the relaxation response.
  • Progress step-by-step through the experience of the total practice.
  • Explore the source and psycho-somatic implications of emotional stress.
  • Learn about the therapeutic and spiritual potential of Yoga Nidra.


Let go on the deepest levels as you surrender your body and mind. And move into a meditative state on the borderline between wakefulness and sleep unlocking the doors of your subconscious.


This is for you if

  • You wish to take your current practice to deeper levels with the guidance of an experienced teacher.
  • You look for ways to heal a psycho-somatic imbalance (i.e. insomnia, digestive problems, anxiety, back and other pain, chronic or adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure etc.).
  • You wish to deepen your understanding of the practice and it’s potential.

When you relax, you become natural.


Yoga Nidra will support you to

  • Effectively unplug from the world.
  • Systematically release physical, mental and emotional tensions.
  • Clean and revitalise your nervous system.
  • Gain energy equivalent to 2-3 hours of deep sleep.
  • Balance your hormones.
  • Boost creativity.
  • Dissolve deep-rooted impressions.
  • And plant a seed to transform your life from the inside-out.


What others say

“The instructions of many relaxation systems are rather unctuous and leave me sleepy. Yoga Nidra was different! My mind was simultaneously alert and completely relaxed.”

Astrid von Weittenhiller, Life Coach



“Yoga Nidra is a great way for me to release stress, let go of what I no longer need and re-connect with what is actually important.”

Katharina Harnack, Yoga Teacher


“Despite osteopathy, yoga and meditation, my neck has been tense for many years. After my third Yoga Nidra practice I already noticed a significant improvement. I am amazed how effective this simple technique is.”

Julia Werner, Graphic Artist 


Swami Mukti learned Yoga Nidra first-hand from one of the main contributors of this profound technique.



Weekend Course (highly recommended)

€ 230    Early Bird — Book by July 10

€ 260    After


Saturday Only

€ 115    Early Bird — Book by July 10

€ 130    After


You’ll receive a certificate of participation when attending the full course.



Sat 03 & Sun 04 October

10.00 – 12.00   Morning Session

12.00 – 13.30   Lunch

13.30 – 16.00   Afternoon Session


Book your spot

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Spiritual, Health and Lifestyle Consultations

60min   € 80  (available by appointment)
Receive a personalized program, lifestyle advice and insights to create balance on all levels. Swami Mukti blends and applies practices to suit your personality, body type and health challenges. >> Limited spots – Please book.



How does Conscious Sleep work?

During Conscious Sleep, also know as Yoga Nidra, we enjoy deep rest recharging every cell of our body. Lying on your back you move into a state of consciousness on the borderline between wakefulness and sleep. In this state you systematically dissolve physical, mental and emotional tensions. And not only that.

You also gain access to your subconscious and unconscious mind to boost creativity, dissolve deep-rooted impressions and plant a seed to transform your life from the inside-out. When practices regularly 20min of Yoga Nidra are equivalent to 2-3 hours of sleep. You feel refreshed and recharged.



Sat 3 October | 10:00 am
Sun 4 October | 4:00 pm


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