When you pay close enough attention, everything around you becomes your teacher.


"A river of vivid imagery, poetic insights of nature and deeply penetrating truths about our human condition, The Forgotten Gurus teaches the power of present moment awareness."

— Dan Guerra, Pay.D., Author of From Stressed to Centred

"Listen with your heart and you will hear the Essence behind Swami Mukti's words."

— Joseph Montgomery, Author of Temple

"With an almost childlike observation, Swami Mukti closely watches the beauty that surrounds him showing the reader that one does not need to travel far to find spiritual guidance. The Forgotten Gurus is one of those books that stays with you and takes you along on a path of transformation and growth."

— Saskia Grootegoed, Yoga Magazine

In this era of information overload and distraction we are rapidly losing touch with ourselves. Pulled here and there by apps and websites competing to get our attention, we believe that the answers to our troubles reside somewhere outside ourselves.

But in reality, there’s no detox program, self-help guru or social media following that can give us what we are looking for.

It may seem like an oversimplified solution in our overstimulated world to take a walk in the nearby forest to find connection, but the relationship between nature and our overall wellbeing is undeniable.

Nature matters, and as creatures of nature, it is important for us to give ourselves time to unplug from our devices, to just sit back and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

Could the silent company of nature remind us of the fabric we are made of?

Of the joy and connection that already live in our hearts?

In The Forgotten Gurus, Swami Mukti takes us through a personal pilgrimage of reflections on the profound teachings pouring from the silent masters: the Gurus we have forgotten.


A small book with a big message.


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