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You wish to live your best life, right? And we DON'T mean quit your day job and become an online entrepreneur sipping cocktails on the beach with your laptop. Because whereever you go and whatever you do — your mind is with you.

So what if your best life is only a few inches away?

Let us help you understand the cause of your suffering, manage your mind and energy wisely, and slightly adjust how you relate to your mental stuff. Start right here...

The Mind

Do you experience ease and fulfillment in your life right now?
And did you know that your mind has 100% to do with it?
The perspectives you use in your day-to-day life is like writing a character in a book — you are the author who chooses how the drama unfolds!

Why Lighten the Mind

Many of us are living in a self-created world of stress, imagined limitations and preoccupations:

  • Do you struggle to relax after a busy day? Or to stay calm under pressure?

  • Do you have unfounded fears and worry about the future?

  • Are self-doubts preventing you from living your life fully?

To lighten the mind means to systematically release mental activity and impressions that have formed knots in your perspective.

The Light Mind Approach

Life is very simple. Our mind, on the other hand, is generally divided and clings to complication.

To train the mind can be as challenging as taming a wild horse.
It will kick, it will bite, if you don’t speak its language.

Yoga offers highly sophisticated (yet simple) systems to smooth out the restless tendencies of the mind, raise awareness of unconscious patterns and unfold it's dormant potential.

We share effective tools to help you experience more lightness and simplicity in your mind and consequently in your life.